Curiosities about the human body

ASMR: what it is and what it is for

ASMR is the acronym for the English expression Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response , or in Portuguese, Autonomous Sensory Response of the Meridian, and represents a pleasant tingling

6 health benefits of sea water

Sea water has several properties that make it beneficial to health, especially with regard to improving the appearance of the skin, treating inflammatory diseases, reducing stress and increasing

Because yawning is contagious

The act of yawning is an involuntary reaction that arises when one is very tired or when one is bored, appearing already in the fetus, even during pregnancy, being, in these cases, related to the

How urine is formed and how it is eliminated

Urine is a substance produced by the body that helps to remove dirt, urea and other toxic substances from the blood. These substances are produced daily by the constant functioning of muscles and

How to make your voice deeper

Exercises to thicken the voice should only be performed if there is a need. It is important for the person to reflect on whether they need to have a lower voice, as it may not match the person or

What it is to be Intersexual and possible causes

Intersexuality is characterized by a variation in sexual characteristics, sexual organs and chromosomal patterns, which make it difficult to identify the individual as male or female. For

What is Deja Vu and Why does it happen

Deja vu is the French term that literally means seen . This term is used to designate that feeling that the person has to have experienced that exact moment he is going through or

What is muscle catabolism and how to avoid

Catabolism is a metabolic process in the body that aims to produce simple molecules from other more complex ones, such as the production of amino acids from proteins, which will be used in other

Know your biological clock: morning or afternoon

The chronotype refers to the differences in income that each individual has in relation to the periods of sleep and wakefulness throughout the 24 hours of the day. People organize their

Is breaking the neck bad?

Cracking the neck can be harmful if not performed correctly or if it occurs too often. In addition, if done with too much force it can injure the nerves in the area, which can be extremely painful

How big is the scope of human vision

The maximum distance that the eye can see is about 5 km, due to the curvature of the earth, making it impossible to see any object beyond the horizon. However, if the earth were not round,

Where is the Mesentery and what is it for

The mesentery is in the abdomen connected to the intestine. It has always existed, but before it was classified as a tissue that was part of the peritoneum and held the intestine in place,

7 fun facts about the human brain

The brain is one of Organs most important organs in the human body, without which life is not possible, however, little is known about the functioning of this vital organ. However, many