Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Deflation: 4 habits to maintain after quarantine

After a generalized quarantine period, when people start to return to the street and there is an increase in social interactions, there are some precautions that are extremely important to ensure

How the new coronavirus (COVID-19) came about

The mysterious new coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 infection, appeared in 2019 in the city of Wuhan in China and the first cases of the infection appear to have happened from animals to

How is pneumonia treated

Treatment for pneumonia should be done under the supervision of a general practitioner or pulmonologist and is indicated according to the infectious agent responsible for the pneumonia, that is,

How to properly wash fruits and vegetables

Washing the peels of fruits and vegetables well with baking soda, bleach or bleach, in addition to eliminating dirt, some pesticides and pesticides, present in the peel of the food, also allows

Pneumonia teas

Some excellent teas for pneumonia are elderberries and lemon leaves, as they have substances that help to calm the infection and eliminate the phlegm that appears with pneumonia. However,

What to eat to cure pneumonia

To treat and cure pneumonia it is important to increase the consumption of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods, such as tuna, sardines, chestnuts, avocados, vegetables and fruits, such as

How to identify the principle of pneumonia

The principle of pneumonia is the name given when pneumonia is diagnosed in the beginning and, therefore, the infection in the lungs is still underdeveloped, being easier to treat and having

9 symptoms of low immunity and what to do to improve

Low immunity can be perceived when the body gives some signals, indicating that the body's defenses are low and that the immune system is not being able to fight infectious agents, such as viruses

Main Cough Remedies

Cough remedies have the effect of relieving this and other symptoms associated with the problem, such as discomfort, throat irritation, expectoration or shortness of breath. Treatment should be

How to freeze vegetables to avoid losing nutrients

Freezing vegetables is a good alternative for storing these foods for longer and maintaining their nutrients. When frozen properly, vegetables last an average of 6 months, and spices like garlic