Tips for hair with chemistry

    Anyone who has chemically treated hair, either with straightening products or hair dyes, must take special care to ensure the beauty and integrity of the strands. Some tips to keep chemically treated hair always beautiful are:

    • Use the shampoo and conditioner for chemically treated hair with each wash;
    • Apply a hydration mask once a week;
    • Whenever you use the flat iron, use Leav in styling cream, without rinsing before the process;
    • Apply a protective serum to the ends of the hair after the flat iron or dryer.

    The ideal time to touch up hair straightening is approximately 6 months. And experts guarantee that the touch-up should only be done at the root, that is, the part of the hair that has already grown. Applying the straightener over the entire length of the hair again will certainly damage the strands and it will all be broken.

    Who has hair with chemistry can dye their hair, but the dyes should not be very clear, nor the hydrogen peroxide you use in the mixture can be more than 10 volumes.

    Another important tip for those who have hair with chemistry is whenever they go to the pool or the beach to use a sunscreen for hair, in the form of spray or mousse, and to secure them by covering them (dry) with a hat or cap. Thus, the ultra violet rays do not harm the hair, burning them.