Lymphatic drainage lose weight?

    Lymphatic drainage eliminates excess fluids and toxins from the body and with that the region that was previously swollen has less volume. Lymphatic drainage has other benefits, such as fighting cellulite, improving blood circulation, being the essential complement for various aesthetic treatments, such as lipocavitation and radiofrequency, for example.

    Although lymphatic drainage is draining and antioxidant, it does not directly affect fat metabolism. Thus, the centimeters lost with lymphatic drainage does not represent the removal of accumulated fat in these places. Therefore, it would be more correct to say that lymphatic drainage deflates, and does not lose weight. But, when it is associated with diet, exercise or other aesthetics techniques, it contributes to the individual to lose weight more easily.

    Aesthetic treatments such as radiofrequency, lipocavitation and cryolipolysis act directly on the fat layer and end up releasing a series of toxins in the body. With lymphatic drainage performed right after one of these procedures, these toxins are directed to the lymph nodes and subsequently eliminated through the urine. What guarantees the effectiveness of the treatment.

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    Thus, to lose weight with lymphatic drainage, it is recommended to perform an aesthetic treatment first and then complement it with drainage. This type of treatment protocol can be performed 2-3 times a week, and there is no need to perform a full body drain, just at the treatment site.

    But in addition it is also advisable to take care of the food by restricting the intake of fats, sugars and processed foods. Drinking 1.5 L of water or draining tea, such as green tea, for example, is also important to keep the body properly hydrated and eliminate even more toxins.