How to Reduce Excessive Sweat

Excessive sweating in the body is scientifically called hyperhidrosis, an alteration that begins in childhood and mainly affects the armpits, palms and feet. Excessive sweating does not happen only when it is very hot, but it is also influenced by emotional changes, such as fear, stress and insecurity, which can harm social life, reducing your quality of life.

Excessive sweating in the armpits or hands is very embarrassing because a simple handshake before a job interview, or during an important test can decrease confidence and make writing or typing difficult. Walking barefoot or wearing sandals in a moment of tension can cause accidents and falls, so it is very common for people to be ashamed of their situation and want to hide their problem.

Any part of the body can be affected, such as the face, head, neck and back, but the areas most commonly affected are the armpits, feet and hands.

Treatment options for excessive sweating

The best doctor to look for in case of excessive sweating is the dermatologist or endocrinologist, if the causes are endocrine. To prevent excessive sweat production, some treatments can be used, such as:

  • Use of antiperspirant deodorants: they help eliminate the smell and can reduce the appearance of sweat, especially in the armpits, but it has a very limited effect, being necessary to apply a new layer after a few hours. A natural option is hume stone, which is also antiperspirant.
  • Absorbent insoles for the feet and absorbent discs for the armpits: they can be used to not stain clothes or shoes;
  • Use of talc or corn starch: can help keep your hands and feet free of sweat to drive safely;
  • Application of botox in the armpits: it is a good option, being able to control excess sweat right after its application but a new application of botox is needed every 6 months. Learn how botox works in the body;
  • Medicines such as glycopyrrolate and oxybutynin: they are especially indicated when other forms of treatment have not had the intended success, but it is necessary to take them for life;
  • Soothing antidepressant remedies: can be used in the most severe cases, or in specific situations. Check out some natural tranquilizers;
  • Surgery to remove sweat glands or sympathectomy: this is also a good option, but it is common to have increased sweat production in other areas that did not have excessive sweat, which is a natural response of the body to maintain adequate body temperature.

Psychotherapy can also be indicated to help the person to live better with the problem, making them more confident and finding strategies to live with the situation and improve personal interaction.

How to eliminate the smell of sweat

Check out some natural solutions to get rid of the smell of sweat in your armpits and clothes in this video:

What causes excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be caused by unexplained causes in healthy people, but it can also start after some endocrine change, emotional problem, spinal cord trauma, menopause or in case of obesity. When excess sweat arises after these factors, it may be easier to find the cause, and thus target treatment for that cause, but in any case the treatment to block sweat production is effective.

Some situations that worsen excessive sweating are: heat, spicy foods, anxiety, fever and exercise. Having rosy cheeks or reddish ears indicates an activation of the sympathetic system's hyperreactivity system, which indicates that in a few seconds there will be an increase in sweating throughout the body.