How calluses on feet and hands arise and how to eliminate

Calluses, also called calluses, are characterized by a hard area in the outermost layer of the skin that becomes thick, rigid and thick, which arises due to the constant friction to which the same area is subjected, by a tight shoe, for example .

Thus, the best way to avoid corns is to eliminate its cause, such as changing shoes for more comfortable ones. In addition, calluses can be eliminated by means of natural measures, such as placing your feet, for example, in warm water with a few drops of essential oil to soften the skin and then applying an exfoliating cream to remove excess skin. keratin on the spot.

How calluses arise

Corns appear due to repeated friction in a certain region, leaving the skin thicker and more rigid. Calluses can appear in any region according to the agent responsible for contact and repeated pressure, such as the use of tight shoes that favor the appearance of callus on the feet.

In addition to wearing shoes, playing instruments, doing weight training activities without gloves, or working on construction sites carrying weight, for example, they can also favor the appearance of calluses on the hands.

How to permanently eliminate corns

To treat calluses definitively, more important than finding effective methods to remove it, is to eliminate the source of irritation in the area where the callus forms, because then the callus will naturally dissolve and will not reappear.

Calluses on the feet are usually caused by shoes, sandals and slippers, so it is a good idea to change your shoes for a more comfortable one, such as sneakers, for example. Calluses on the hands are usually caused by the use of objects related to work and to prevent them from forming it is advisable to wear thick gloves to protect the skin.

However, to remove the thicker layer of the skin it is advisable to soak your feet in warm water with a few drops of an essential oil or sweet almond oil until the skin is more pliable. Then an exfoliating cream should be applied, rubbing the callus, to remove excess keratin from this place. You can also use a pumice stone to help remove excess skin.

Then, dry the area and apply a layer of moisturizing cream and massage gently until the skin completely absorbs the lotion. See other options for home remedies for corns.

Even after eliminating the source of friction, in some cases, medications such as salicylic acid can be used, which dissolves the keratin present in the callus, eliminating calluses, leaving the skin smooth again. An ointment can be made at the compounding pharmacy, but there are also many ointments to eliminate calluses from the conventional pharmacy.