Horse hoof to strengthen nails

The horse's hoof to strengthen the nails works, especially on weak and brittle nails, as the horse's hoof base is enriched with calcium and panthenol, two very important substances to restore nail health and firmness.

How to use

To use the horse's hoof to strengthen the nails just pass the horse hoof base once a week, without putting another nail polish on top, so that there is no unwanted chemical reaction that alters the properties of the base, causing it to lose its It is made.

In addition, it is necessary to increase the consumption of iron-rich foods, such as beans, red meat and beets, and always eat 1 horse chestnut per day, in addition to avoiding having your hands always in water. Wearing rubber gloves to wash the dishes and do other household chores is also an important precaution.

Where to buy and price

The horse hoof base to strengthen nails can be purchased at cosmetic stores, supermarkets and drugstores. The price is about 6 reais.