Does varicose veins cure?

    Varicose veins are damaged veins that do not fulfill their function satisfactorily, leaving the accumulated blood, creating a feeling of heaviness, pain and discomfort, especially in the legs. Although there are very good treatments for varicose veins, there is still no miracle cure for the disease.

    The important thing is that the individual who has varicose veins knows that it is not enough to just eliminate the varicose veins, but that it is also necessary to avoid the appearance of others. Thus, it is not enough to correctly follow the chosen treatment and then not take the necessary measures to prevent the installation of new varicose veins, because if so, they will return.

    There are treatments to eliminate varicose veins, such as sclerotherapy, laser and surgery. But to prevent new varicose veins from settling on your legs you need to follow some tips, such as:

    Do not sit, stand or cross-legged for a long time;

    • Always wear elastic compression stockings, like Kendall;
    • Exercise and
    • Have a good diet.

    Taking home remedies that facilitate blood circulation, such as, for example, horse chestnut and pineapple can help fight varicose veins and have no contraindications.

    See how to use horse chestnut to combat poor circulation.