Buttocks silicone: how the surgery is done and possible risks

Putting silicone in the gluteus is a very popular way to increase the size of the butt and improve the shape of the body contour.

This surgery is usually done with epidural anesthesia and, therefore, the hospital stay can vary between 1 to 2 days, although a good part of the results can be seen right after the surgery.

How is the surgery done

The surgery is performed under epidural anesthesia and sedation, and takes between 1:30 and 2 hours, being done with an incision between the sacrum and the coccyx or in the gluteal fold. The surgeon should introduce the prosthesis through an opening between 5 and 7 cm, molding it as needed.

In general, afterwards, the cut is closed with internal stitches and a special place is used for plastic surgery so that no scar remains.

The doctor should put the shaping brace right after the surgery and it should remain in use for approximately 1 month, and should be removed only for the individual to make his physiological needs and for the bath.

The individual should take painkillers for approximately 1 month to reduce pain. And about 1 time a week you should have 1 session of manual lymphatic drainage to eliminate the swelling and toxins.

Who can put silicone in the gluteus

Virtually all healthy people who are close to their ideal weight can undergo surgery to put silicone in the gluteus.

Only people who are obese or who are ill should not do this type of surgery, as there is a greater risk of not achieving the desired result. In addition, people who have a very low gluteus should also opt for a gluteus lift to obtain the best result.

Care before and after surgery

Before placing the silicone in the gluteus, it is necessary to perform tests to check the health of the individual and make sure that he is within his ideal weight.

After the surgery, you should lie on your stomach for approximately 20 days, and depending on the individual's work, he can return to his usual activities in 1 week, but avoiding efforts. Physical activity can be resumed after 4 months of surgery, slowly and gradually.

Possible risks of surgery

As with any surgery, the placement of silicone in the gluteus also presents some risks such as:

  • Bruises;
  • Bleeding;
  • Capsular contracture of the prosthesis;
  • Infection.

Performing the surgery in a hospital and with a well-trained team reduces these risks and guarantees good results.

Who has silicone prosthesis can travel by plane and dive at great depths, without the risk of rupture of the prosthesis.

When you can see the results

The results of the surgery for placing the silicone prosthesis in the gluteus are seen immediately after the surgery. But as the area may be very swollen, only after 15 days, when the swelling decreases considerably, will the person be able to better observe the definitive results. The final result should be visible only about 2 months after the placement of the prosthesis.

In addition to silicone prostheses, there are other surgical options to increase the butt, as is the case of fat grafting, a technique that uses the body's own fat to fill, define and give volume to the glutes.