Baby Feeding - From zero to 36 months

Best positions for breastfeeding the baby

The correct position for breastfeeding is the most important factor for your success. For this, the mother must be in a correct and comfortable position and the baby must take the breast correctly

How should the premature baby feed

Premature babies do not yet have a mature intestine and many are unable to breastfeed because they do not yet know how to suck and swallow, which is why it is necessary to start feeding, which

What not to eat while breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, women should avoid consuming foods such as alcoholic beverages and excessive coffee, as they are substances that can pass into breast milk and harm the baby's

10 Myths and truths about breast milk

Breastfeeding is a delicate moment in the life of the mother and baby, and it is usually a difficult period that brings with it several fears, such as the fear of the milk drying out, being too

Baby feeding from 0 to 6 months

Until 6 months of age, breast milk is the ideal food for the baby, there is no need to give the baby anything more, even if it is water or teas for colic. However, when it is not possible to

Baby feeding from 9 to 12 months

In the baby's diet, it is possible to add fish at 9 months, rice and pasta at 10 months, legumes like beans or peas at 11 months, for example, and from 12 months on, the baby can be offered egg

Composition of Breast Milk

The composition of breast milk is ideal for good growth and development of the baby during the first 6 months of age, without the need to supplement the baby's food with any other food or

Know when women should not breastfeed

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed the baby, but this is not always possible, because there are situations in which the mother cannot breastfeed, because she can transmit diseases to the baby,

Baby food

The baby's diet has to be balanced with the consumption of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and eggs so that the children have all the nutrients, ensuring the proper functioning of the

How to make your child eat everything

If the child always throws tantrums at meals and only wants to eat sweets, snacks and processed foods, always refusing healthy and nutritious foods, what you need to do so that he learns to eat

How to store breast milk

To store breast milk, taken manually or with a pump, it must be placed in a proper container, which can be purchased at pharmacies or in bottles and bags that can be sterilized at home and which

What is Relactation and How to do it

Relactation is a widely used technique for breastfeeding in cases where mothers do not have milk or produce in small quantities, but it can also be used when the baby is premature and is unable to

Goat Milk for Baby

Goat's milk for the baby is an alternative when the mother cannot breastfeed and in some cases when the baby is allergic to cow's milk. That's because goat's milk lacks the Alpha S1 casein

Discover the benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding, which is the act of feeding the baby with breast milk, coming directly from the breast, must be exclusive during the first 6 months of the baby's life. During this period it

How to breastfeed with inverted nipples

It is possible to breastfeed with inverted nipples, that is, that are turned inwards, because for the baby to breastfeed correctly he needs to grab a part of the breast and not just the

When to give cow milk to the baby

Cow's milk should only be given to the baby after he is 1 year old, because before that his intestine is still too immature to digest this milk, which can end up causing problems such as diarrhea,

How to have more breast milk

The change in the breasts to produce breast milk is intensified mainly from the second trimester of pregnancy, and by the end of the pregnancy some women have started to release a little

4 Baby Food Recipes for 10 Month Old Babies

At 10 months the baby is more active and has a greater desire to participate in the feeding process, it is important that parents allow the child to try to eat alone with their hands, even if at

Baby feeding at 6 months

When feeding the baby at 6 months, new foods should be introduced to the menu, alternating with feedings or the use of an age-specific milk formula. Thus, it is at this stage when foods such as

Baby's stomach size

At birth, the baby's stomach is the size of a cherry, supporting only about 7 ml of milk. Over time, it increases with the size of the baby, managing to support between 80 and 150 ml at the end of

Baby food recipes for 9-month-old babies

From 9 months of age, the baby should start trying to eat minced food, such as ground beef, shredded chicken and well-cooked rice, without the need to knead all the food well or pass it through

7 tips for taking your child's bottle

Parents should start removing the bottle as a way of feeding the child between the first and the third year of life, especially when she stops breastfeeding, to avoid further dependence on the

Baby food recipes for 8 month old babies

At 8 months, the baby should increase the amount of meals made with complementary foods, starting to consume fruit porridge for morning and afternoon snacks, and savory porridge for lunch and

Baby food recipes for 7-month-old babies

At 7 months, babies should include 3 meals with new foods throughout the day, including a fruit baby food in the morning and afternoon snacks, and a salt baby food at lunchtime. Each new

Baby feeding at 7 months

When feeding a 7-month-old baby, it is indicated: Give baby food of ground or shredded meat, mashed cereals and vegetables instead of soups whipped in a blender; The dessert

When to start feeding the baby

Feeding the baby with solid foods can start at around 4-6 months of age, when the baby is already able to sit and has the reflex of swallowing the food. However, babies do not need solid foods

How to tell if your baby is eating well

The main way to know if your baby is eating well is through weight gain. The baby should be weighed with an interval of 15 days and the baby's weight should always increase. Other ways to

Baby Iron Food

Inserting baby foods with iron is very important, because when the baby stops breastfeeding exclusively and starts feeding at 6 months of age, its natural iron reserves are already depleted, so

How to tell if your baby is eating well

In order to know if the baby is eating well it is important to consider the baby's gastric capacity and compare it with the actual volume of food ingested. Thus, a baby aged between 6 and 8

How to tell if your baby is breastfeeding enough

To know if the baby is breastfeeding enough, the mother or caregiver should observe some signs mentioned below, and when necessary, should contact the baby's pediatrician: If the baby