How to dress the baby

In order to dress the baby, it is necessary to pay some attention to the temperature it is doing so that he does not feel cold or hot. In addition, to make the job easier, you should have all the baby clothes at your side.

To dress the baby, parents can pay attention to some tips, such as:

  • Have all the necessary clothes next to the baby, especially at bath time;
  • Put the diaper on first and then put on the baby's torso;
  • Prefer cotton clothes, easy to wear, with velcro and loops, especially when the baby is newborn;
  • Avoid clothes that shed hair so that the baby will not be allergic;
  • Remove all tags from clothing so as not to hurt the baby's skin;
  • Bring extra clothes, overalls, T-shirt, pants and jacket when leaving the house with the baby.

Baby clothing should be washed separately from adult clothing and with hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

How to dress the baby in summer

In summer, the baby can be dressed with:

  • Loose and light cotton clothes;
  • Sandals and slippers;
  • T-shirts and shorts, provided the baby's skin is protected from the sun;
  • Wide-brimmed hat that protects baby's face and ears.

To sleep in the heat, the baby can be dressed in light cotton pajamas and shorts instead of pants and must be covered with a thin sheet.

How to dress the baby in winter

In winter, the baby can be dressed with:

  • 2 or 3 layers of warm cotton clothing;
  • Socks and gloves to cover the feet and hands (be careful with the elastics of the gloves and socks too tight);
  • Blanket to cover the body;
  • Closed shoes;
  • Warm hat or hat that covers the baby's ears.

After dressing the baby, you should see if the neck, legs, feet and hands are cold or hot. If they are cold, the baby may be cold, in which case, another layer of clothing should be put on, and if they are hot, the baby may be hot and it may be necessary to remove some clothes from the baby.

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