When it's cold in the baby and what to do

When the baby's body temperature is below 36.5ยบ C, it is considered a situation known as hypothermia, which is relatively common in babies, especially premature babies, since their body surface in

How to boost baby's immunity

To increase the baby's immunity, it is important to let him play outdoors so that this type of experience helps him to improve his defenses, preventing the appearance of most allergies to dust or

What is a Doula and what does it do

The doula has the function of accompanying the pregnant woman during the period of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. This word has a Greek origin, and means "woman who serves", due to its

How fetal cardiotocography is performed

Fetal cardiotocography is an exam performed during pregnancy to check the baby's heartbeat and well-being, performed with sensors connected to the pregnant woman's belly that collect this

Baby food recipes for babies 4 to 6 months

The Brazilian Society of Pediatrics recommends that both babies who exclusively breastfeed and those who use infant formula start introducing new foods in the diet from the 6th month of life.

How to dress the baby

In order to dress the baby, it is necessary to pay some attention to the temperature it is doing so that he does not feel cold or hot. In addition, to make the job easier, you should have all the