Respiratory allergy treatment

The treatment for respiratory allergy varies according to the symptoms presented by the person, the frequency with which it happens and the type of allergy, which can be asthma, rhinitis or

Main symptoms of latex allergy and what to do

Latex allergy is an abnormal reaction of the immune system that can happen in some people when they come into contact with this material, which is a substance that is present in materials made of

Condom allergy symptoms and what to do

Allergy to condoms usually occurs due to an allergic reaction caused by some substance present in the condom, which may be the latex or components of the lubricant that contain spermicides, which

What is egg allergy, symptoms and what to do

Egg allergy happens when the immune system identifies egg white proteins as a foreign body, triggering an allergic reaction with symptoms such as: Redness and itching of the

Dust allergy symptoms, causes and what to do

Dust allergy occurs mainly because of the allergic reaction caused by dust mites, which are small animals that can accumulate on carpets, curtains and bedding, leading to the appearance of

Main causes of coryza and how to treat

Runny nose, popularly known as a runny nose, is a symptom that arises in diseases in which there is inflammation of the nasal cavities and is characterized by a transparent, yellow or mixed nasal

What can be constant coryza and what to do

Runny nose is almost always a sign of the flu or cold, but when it occurs very often it can also indicate a respiratory allergy to dust, animal hair or another allergen that can move in the air,

Main symptoms of cold allergy and treatment

The symptoms of cold allergy can arise when the person is exposed to the cold in autumn or winter, but it can also happen even in the summer when the person enters a waterfall or is on the beach

Allergy Remedies

Using an allergy medicine improves symptoms such as itching, sneezing, swelling, eye irritation or coughing, which are associated with allergic reactions to certain substances such as dust mites,

How to get tested for allergy

The allergy test is a type of diagnostic test that serves to know whether or not the person has any type of allergy such as skin allergy, allergy to deodorant, food, medication or even

Allergy Prick Test: What It Is And How It Is Done

The Prick test is a type of allergy test that is done by placing substances that could cause allergies in the forearm, allowing it to react for about 15 to 20 minutes in order to have the final

Allergic cough: symptoms, causes and what to do

Allergic cough is a type of dry and persistent cough that arises whenever a person comes into contact with an allergenic substance, which can be dust (household dust), cat hair, dog hair or pollen

Remedies for allergic rhinitis

The drugs indicated to treat allergic rhinitis should only be used after talking to the doctor, who should be informed about the symptoms, the person's health history and the medications he is

Treatment for vasomotor rhinitis

Vasomotor rhinitis, also known as idiopathic rhinitis, occurs when the blood vessels located inside the nose dilate or expand, causing inflammation, congestion and nasal

Bacterial sinusitis: what it is and main symptoms

Bacterial sinusitis corresponds to inflammation of the sinuses caused by bacteria, causing symptoms such as excessive nasal discharge and frequent runny nose. Generally, this type of sinusitis is

How to identify and treat urticaria

Urticaria is an allergic reaction on the skin that manifests itself through reddish, itchy patches that usually become more swollen, as shown in the image. Usually, the symptoms of hives

Symptoms and Treatment for Allergic Sinusitis

Allergic sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses caused by an allergy to some external agent, such as mites or some type of food. Individuals who have allergic sinusitis when they come

Causes and Treatments for Allergic Rhinitis

The causes of allergic rhinitis can vary depending on where the person lives. Usually, certain allergens are responsible for increasing irritation of the nasal mucosa, among which we can

What is and what causes food allergy

Food allergy is an allergic reaction to some component present in a given food and, in general, is linked to genetic inheritance. Thus, allergic parents are more likely to have children who also

Allergic people are more at risk of depression

People who suffer from some type of allergy are twice as likely to suffer from depression. This is because the drugs used to fight allergic attacks, such as Loratadine or Hydroxyzine, have a

Be alert to signs of allergy

In order to identify the cause of the allergy and be able to treat it in a more specific and appropriate way, it is important to be alert to the main signs of allergy, which

Symptoms of gelatin allergy

The signs and symptoms of gelatin allergy are more common in people with a tendency to allergies and appear the first time that food is eaten. Signs and symptoms that may indicate allergy to

Symptoms of serum sickness

The symptoms that characterize serum sickness, such as redness of the skin and fever, usually only appear 7 to 14 days after the administration of a medication such as cefaclor or penicillin, or

Irritating Contact Dermatitis

Irritant contact dermatitis is a type of allergy caused by physical contact with a chemically abrasive, physically irritating agent that causes damage to the skin. Symptoms of irritant

What to do in case of allergy to insect bites

Any insect bite causes a small allergic reaction with redness, swelling and itching at the site of the bite, however, some people may experience a more severe allergic reaction that can cause

What to do in case of Perfume Allergy

Allergy to perfume is common, being easy to treat because most of the time it is enough not to use perfume, nor to stay very close to people who use intense perfumes. Perfume allergy can cause