Stimulating sounds for newborn babies

Some sounds can be stimulating for the newborn baby, as they are able to stimulate his brain and cognitive ability, facilitating his ability to learn.

In this way, the use of stimulating sounds in the baby's day-to-day, during his first year of life, help in the development of his linguistic, motor, sensitive, emotional and intellectual capacities, and the sooner the music is introduced into the environment the more potential the child has to learn.

Sounds that stimulate the newborn baby

Some sounds or musical activities that stimulate the newborn baby can be:

  • The sound of the rattles;
  • Sing a children's song by making different voices, changing the tone, the rhythm and including the baby's name;
  • Play various musical instruments or, alternatively, put on instrumental music, varying the musical instrument;
  • Put on music with different musical styles, for example, on one day put on classical music and on another day put on a pop or lullaby.

In addition, the sound of the washing machine or the hood, because they are similar to the sound that the baby heard inside the mother's belly, can calm the baby, as well as calm songs with repeated melodies playing softly next to the baby, also make to make him feel calmer and more confident.

When to stimulate the baby

These activities with stimulating sounds for babies should be performed as early as possible, during the baby's first year of life, and when he is wide awake and awake.

At first, the baby may not respond to sound stimuli or it may take some time to respond, however, in the first month of life, he should already be able to react and recognize music that he heard during pregnancy and after the third month, you must already react to the sounds, turning your head as if you were trying to look for it.

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