Play for babies from 9 months

A great game for babies from 9 months is to hide an object that he likes and then help the baby find it. Just kidding: Take an opaque paper bag, a purse or a backpack and put the toy

How to make the child pay attention

Memory games, puzzles, mistakes and chess are options for activities that can improve children's attention and concentration. Most children, at some stage of their development, may find it

Play to help baby's development - 0 to 12 months

Playing with the baby stimulates his motor, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development, being very important for him to grow up in a healthy way. However, each baby develops in a

How to stimulate baby's vision

To stimulate the baby's vision, colorful toys with different patterns and shapes should be used. The newborn baby can see better at a distance of about twenty to thirty centimeters from the

7 good reasons to put your baby in swimming

Swimming for babies is recommended for babies from 6 months of age, because at 6 months the baby has had most of the vaccines, is more developed and ready for physical activity and also because

How to teach your baby to go it alone

The baby between 4 and 6 months should already be able to turn from side to side, and can lie on his stomach. Usually he learns to turn that way when he already controls his head well and just

Stimulating sounds for newborn babies

Some sounds can be stimulating for the newborn baby, as they are able to stimulate his brain and cognitive ability, facilitating his ability to learn. In this way, the use of stimulating

Activity for babies from 10 months

A good activity for babies from 10 months of age is a shopping trip. Taking the baby to the supermarket can be a positive experience for your development. Inside the supermarket let the baby