Home remedy for Leukemia

Orange juice with acerola is a home remedy that can help complement the treatment of leukemia, which is a type of blood cancer. These ingredients are rich in vitamin C, which strengthen the body's

How to identify and treat a broken nose

The fracture of the nose happens when there is a break in the bones or cartilage due to some impact in this region, for example due to falls, traffic accidents, physical aggressions or contact

Salvia tea: what is it for and how to take it

Salvia, also known as sage, is a medicinal plant with the scientific name Salvia officinalis, which has the appearance of a shrub, with velvety greenish gray leaves and blue, pink or white

5 care to have a young and beautiful skin

These 5 cares to have a young and beautiful skin must be followed daily: 1ยบ Protect the skin from sunlight Use sunscreen whenever you leave the house and not just when you go to the

What is Lung Scintigraphy and what is it for

Pulmonary scintigraphy is a diagnostic test that assesses the presence of changes in the passage of air or blood circulation to the lungs, being performed in 2 steps, called inhalation, also known

How is donovanosis treated

Since donovanosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, treatment is usually done using antibiotics to eliminate the infection. The most used antibiotics

What dysautonomia, main symptoms and treatment

Dysautonomy, or autonomic dysfunction, is a medical term used to describe a condition that impairs various body functions, as it causes changes in the autonomic nervous system. This system is